We are a safe haven to answer questions and teach you the basics you need to know about Medicare and Medicaid.


Heart of Hearts only works with Licensed, Experienced, Professionals in all areas that we service. We educate seniors each year on Medicare fundamentals and changes that effect them and their loved ones. We help to save them money and locate resources to attain needed care and benefits. FREE OF CHARGE.

Do you have a family member or client that needs eyeglasses, eye exams, dental care, dentures, transportation to the doctor, or funds for daily care supplies and products? We can help.

Do you qualify for more help, resources or a better Medicare  plan?  Please give us a call.

Are you paying too much for Medications or Supplies?

How do you know if you are on the right Medicare plan?


Who can you trust for an honest unbiased opinion, that has knowledge, experience and training?  That is our mission. 

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