We invite you to assist by notifying your clients, friends and families…an easy way to help others as they themselves may have once needed help.

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We are expanding our focus to bring needed medical supplies and equipment to this population. In our 15 years of home healthcare service we have found many who are in need of medical equipment such as: hospital beds, wheelchairs, power chairs, crutches, canes, quads, bedside commodes, shower benches and the like and have no means of obtaining them. This also goes for needed supplies such as unopened bed chucks, diapers, blood pressure cuffs, and diabetic monitors, etc… Having needs with no access, causes great stress and unnecessary strains on every day care for client and caregivers alike. We are the solution to this problem and we need your help. Many times after the loss of a family member, there are tools, equipment, and supplies that are no longer needed. Sometimes these go to waste or are put in storage areas when they could be helping others in need. Heart of Hearts will arrange pick up of supplies and a donation slip (In-kind letter) for tax deductions, will be given. All donations are appropriately cleaned before being redistributed to families in need. We invite you to assist us in filling this need by notifying your clients, contributors, staff, and families. This is an easy way to help others as they themselves may have once needed help. 

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