About Us…Founder and Mission

Heart of Hearts Inc. was the brainchild of Mrs. Cynthéa Johnson RN, BSN. After over 20 years of being in the nursing field and owning a nursing administrative home care agency for 15 years, Mrs. Johnson noted a trend in the community. So many of their senior clients were in need of education in every facet of their health. Diagnosis, medication,  wellness, hygiene, cures and healing, understanding medicare, qualifications for state programs, proper Medical health plans, proper nutrition, and the like. How do you help when there is little to no financial funding? The answer was to start a not-for-profit that could seek government funding and contributions from those in the community with the desire to help. Thus Heart of Hearts was brought into existence assisted by her husband of 25 years, she likes to call the “Technical Guru” of the organization.

Mrs. Cynthéa Vickers-Johnson was born in California, moved to Atlanta in 1990, and later completed her first degree in the Science of Nursing at Wayne State University in Michigan. WSU is found in the top of the countries nursing programs. She graduated Sigma Theta Thau with a 3.9 GPA. Her background includes home health care, pediatric sedation, patient teaching specialist, and outpatient surgery centers. Moving back to Atlanta in 2001, she found herself in the middle of a nursing shortage countrywide and opportunities abounded. She worked in several areas of nursing before finding her heart in serving and helping the senior population. This later expanded to helping the underserved community after tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina left so many homeless and with out hope. She started Atlanta Mobile Healthcare which assist home healthcare agencies with nursing supervision and guidance. After many years of volunteering her knowledge and abilities, she found it too much for one person. We now have AMH’s Heart of Hearts to further the needed care. 

Heart of Hearts workforce is screened and hand chosen for those whose beliefs and ideologies align with our mission. We pride ourselves on courtesy and customer service to all in the community regardless of race, culture, religion, economic or educational levels. We hold ourselves to the highest foundational qualities of honesty, goodness, humility and truthfulness.

Heart of Hearts utilizes licensed professionals in every service offered. Our educational sessions are taught by qualified professionals in their field of study, as are the free assessments and insurance assistance. We employ Spanish translators (expanding languages soon) as we pride ourselves on good, prompt care, professionalism and our ability to cover culturally diverse markets.

We hope to work with you and grow with you, for the good of our communities as we…”Help You, Help Others”.

Atlanta Mobile Healthcare’s Heart of Hearts Inc. is a nonprofit created with the focus of helping Seniors and the underserved community in Georgia with wellness, education and healthcare strategy. Our mission is to guide individuals and families to “good health and good wealth through knowledge and insight”. We focus on well known and obscure resources in the State of Georgia. As a nonprofit, your tax deductable donations and contributions to Heart of Hearts will be used in a most important endeavor, assisting those who need it most.

While Heart of Hearts caters to the senior, and impoverished communities, when it comes to our educational programs, we are happy to educate any group, club, or congregation. We provide active and visual presentations that allow for dialogue and participation from our audience. This stimulates understanding and memory retention as we educate in all areas of health, Covid-19 care and prevention, wholistic wellness, Medicare, Medicaid, home health, and insurance.
Heart of Hearts is looking forward to working and growing together for the good of the community.